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Headache in Children

Frequently Asked QuestionsHeadache in Children
Dr. Sheelu Srinivas Staff asked 1 year ago

Headache in children can be due to range of causes from minor to an emergency.

Following are a few questions you should ask yourself

1.Is the child developing rash that does not fade when you press with finger or a glass tumbler against it?

2.Does the child have fever above 100.4degree F or flushed or light hurts or hurts to bend neck?

3.Had a recent blow to the head and becoming drowsy or vomiting?

For any of above questions,if the answer is YES: Visit an emergency department immediately

4.Is there a pain and discharge from the ear?

5.Is the child having vision problems?

If any of above is true ,child may have ear infection or migraines.

6.Is there a jaw or tooth pain?

child may need to visit Dentist

7.Is the child missing breakfast or midday meals?

Missing out on early meals can cause headache.

Any headache getting worse or more frequent should be discussed with child’s doctor.