When to consult an ENT Doctor for my child?

“Your child’s Pediatrician is the primary care provider and incharge of your child’s health.”

Parents should consult a Pediatric ENT only if the child’s Pediatrician has suggested them to do so.

Pediatric otolaryngologists are concerned with treatment of medical and surgical ENT disorders in children. They have been trained to take care of children from newborn period to teenage years.

Children are not just small adults.The disease presentations and management can differ from adults.Right from the clinical approach for diagnosis differs in children.It needs specialised training and experience in working with children to keep them comfortable while examining them.

A child will not always be cooperative and will not be able to answer medical questions or express their problems. Sometimes they have their own ways of expressing concerns. I cannot forget a 3 year old telling me her ears are “singing” and we did go ahead and found a cause.

If we learn to interact with kids, they are also capable of giving information.They may not answer direct questions or get overwhelmed with questioning.

Interaction with the child is a must for a pediatric otolaryngologists as they are the ones who needs attention.This is especially useful in diagnosing social and communication disabilities.Many times parents are in denial or do not know age appropriate behaviours,in these situations direct interaction with the child is a must.

All of the above requires experience,skill and judgement with the team including the primary treating pediatrician.

Finally be a child with the child….